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“Mr. Rakowski,

Please find your
admission decision below. Hardcopy is en route via US Mail but I urge you to
contact your graduate advisor who is noted in the How to get Started link
below. Please read this document carefully as it has instructions on what to do

Congratulations and
welcome to Drexel University!”


Google to Tighten Privacy –

Google said yesterday that it plans to alter its privacy policy and
strip certain identifying information from archived Internet searches.

change, which is to go into effect by the end of the year, was welcomed
by privacy advocates who have challenged Google to respect its users’
privacy as it pursues its goal of organizing the world’s information.
The new policy will affect only searches conducted from the Google home
page, not from Google Calendar or correspondence sent through Google’s
Web e-mail service, Gmail.

Chimps Observed Making Their Own Weapons –

“Chimpanzees living in the West African savannah have been observed
fashioning deadly spears from sticks and using the hand-crafted tools
to hunt small mammals — the first routine production of deadly weapons
ever observed in animals other than humans.”

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This is a test of the emrgency broadcast system. This is only a test.


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With apologies to the Beatles:

FIRMS need to enter the ‘blogosphere’ if they want to compete in the 21st century, according to a Ware website expert.

Solicitor Justin Patten, who has run Human Law in Station Road, Ware, for three years, has been advising companies on setting up ‘blogs’ for the past year.

He believes they can enhance their relationship with clients, develop new ones and attract better employees.

Thanks to Kevin O’Keefe of Real Lawyers Have Blogs for the heads up!

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