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 I spend a fair amount of time with lawyers, law students, paralegals, and others involved in the legal profession.  I used to think that the aversion to technology that is widespread throughout the law was an age thing, but I’ve come to realize that it runs deeper than that.

As someone who is fairly comfortable with technology, I admit that I have a hard time understanding when others seem to have such difficulty and fear with things that seem to me to be almost second nature.  When you try to explain to someone that in the year 2007 you shouldn’t still be keeping a typewriter around “just in case” and that it sends a bad message to both clients and prospective employees, they look at you like you have two heads.

This study does a much better job than I ever could in explaining the issue:

The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: Lawyers Want Technology Training


I’m as big a fan of technology as the anyone-but when you find yourself e-mailing the person in the next cube, or cc’ing your whole company just to CYA, something has gone seriously wrong.

*!#@ The E-Mail. Can We Talk?

As International
Association of Business Communicators President Julie Freeman notes,
most corporate policies are “aimed at protecting the e-mail system
rather than helping you be an effective communicator.” Many companies
are adding collaborative tools such as communal Web pages (wikis). But
the challenge of getting people to talk remains, especially among
younger staffers for whom e-mail or text-messaging has become the
default mode of discussion.

On the PC, Onfolio is my favorite app for organizing and storing information, as well as tracking my 100+ RSS feeds.

Additionally, Microsoft announced that it acquired Onfolio Inc., a
Cambridge, Mass.-based company, which offers a tool that lets people
clip and save text and links from the Web. Financial terms weren’t
disclosed. Microsoft says it has incorporated the technology into a new
version of its toolbar, Windows Live Toolbar, which also is due to be
released Wednesday.

I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they had better not screw it up.

Thanks to Scoble for the heads up.

UPDATE: Never mind, they’ve already screwed it up. :::Sigh:::

Or Thunderbird. Or Eudora. Or a blog. Or a wiki. Or Basecamp. From today’s Wall Street Journal “Washington Wire” column (link unavailable)

TECHNICALLY CHALLENGED: Among other woes at Homeland Security,
the inspector general’s office says it can’t widely distribute
electronic announcements of new watchdog reports. A spokeswoman
explains the department lacks capacity to create a mass email list
, (emphasis mine) and
“We don’t have a fix at this point.” Former Inspector General Clark
Kent Ervin calls circulating such information crucial.

So……the people who are supposed to be keeping us safe from the bad guys can’t figure out how to mass e-mail a PDF file. Great.