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 Having recently upgraded my old 30 gig iPod to the new and improved 80 gig model (thank you Target!) I had no plans to purchase a Zune anytime in the near future. For those folks who are thinking about  adding a Zune  to their holiday wish list, you might want to read  the follwoing review from  today’s Chicago Sun-Times:

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Andy Ihnatko :: Avoid the loony Zune

My favorite quote:

Take the Zune’s one unique and potentially ginchy feature: Wi-Fi.
You see this printed on the box and you immediately think “Cool. So I
can sync files from my desktop library without having to plug in a USB
cable, right? Maybe even download new content directly to the device
from the Internet?”

Typical, selfish user: How does your convenience help make money for Universal? No wonder Doug despises you.

No, the Zune’s sole wireless feature is “squirting” — I know, I
know, it’s Microsoft’s term, not mine — music and pictures to any
other Zune device within direct Wi-Fi range. Even if the track is
inherently free (like a podcast) the Zune wraps it in a DRM scheme that
causes the track to self-destruct after three days or three plays,
whichever comes first.



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The King’s Legacy, All Shook Up

“Revenue at Elvis Presley Enterprises, which operates Graceland, has barely changed in recent years, either. It has been stuck at about $40 million annually since 2000, and money for improving the property has been scarce.

That is all about to change. And when the change is over, Graceland may look a lot like Disneyland.”