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According to the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal, “You’re a nobody unless your name Googles well”-I introduce you to Abigail Wilson, a woman apparently so traumatized by the fact that her new married name cannot be found in Google, she is planning on inflicting the following on her soon-to-be born child:

So when Ms. Wilson, now 32, was pregnant with her first child,
she ran every baby name she and her husband, Justin, considered through Google
to make sure her baby wouldn’t be born unsearchable. Her top choice: Kohler, an
old family name that had the key, rare distinction of being uncommon on the Web
when paired with Wilson. “Justin and I wanted our son’s name to be as special as
he is,” she explains.

After all, who can be bothered with such silly things as family or religious tradition when it’s really the boys in Mountain View who we want to keep happy?

Oh please.


You have GOT to be kidding me………

I.R.S. Letting Tax Lawyers Write Rules – New York Times

“The Internal Revenue Service
is asking tax lawyers and accountants who create tax shelters and
exploit loopholes to take the lead in writing some of its new tax rules.

pilot project represents a further expansion of the increasingly common
federal government practice of asking outsiders to do more of its work,
prompting academics and other critics to complain that the government
is going too far.

They worry that having private lawyers and
accountants draft tax rules could allow them to subtly skew them in
favor of their clients.”

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Oil industry denies control over gas prices : The Morning Call Online

This morning I was greeted with the above headline on the front page of the local fishwrap.  Why people continue to believe anything this industry has to say is beyond me-I’m sure making a $10 billion profit in one quarter is no doubt attributable to good management.

Catalogs, Catalogs, Everywhere

From the December 4th Business Week:

Thanks to e-commerce, as well as rising printing and mailing costs,
catalogs were supposed to be dead by now. But a quick visit to the
mailbox will confirm that predictions of their death have been vastly
exaggerated. Catalogs are, in fact, more popular than ever—and thriving
because of the limitations of shopping by pointing and clicking. Unlike
the bulky books of yore, such as the venerable Sears catalog, which at
times ran to 1,000 pages, the new breed of catalog is a glossy,
magazine-like statement meant to convey to consumers the look and feel
of a brand. That’s a task the typical home PC just isn’t up to, no
matter how good the resolution of the monitor. The prototypical new
catalogs don’t attempt to list everything in the product line. Rather,
they simply show a carefully selected and dramatically photographed

Texas Universities Battle Each Other To Nab Bush Library –

DALLAS — The biggest college rivalry in Texas these
days isn’t only over football. It is the battle to score President
Bush’s presidential library.

Southern Methodist University, the University of
Dallas and Baylor University are the three finalists to house Mr.
Bush’s presidential library. In efforts to snag the prize, they have
bought up hundreds of acres of land, awarded honorary degrees to Bush
family members, and even named a highway after the president. A
decision by the George W. Bush Presidential Library Site Selection
Committee is expected in December or January.

From the current AOL homepage:

Bush Confident.jpg

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