I only hope that I have the same courage when confronted with this situation

From Mr. Christian’s testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

The path we
chose in Connecticut is based on a longstanding principle of
librarianship – our deep rooted commitment to patron confidentiality
that assures that libraries are places of free inquiry, where citizens
go to inform themselves on ideas and issues, without fear that their
inquiries would be known to anyone else. The freedom to read is part
and parcel of our First Amendment rights. To function, the public must
trust that libraries are committed to such confidentiality. When the
USA PATRIOT Act was signed into law, our Connecticut library community,
like the American Library Association, many other librarians as well as
booksellers, authors and others, were concerned about the lack of
judicial oversight as well as the secrecy associated with a number of
the Act’s provisions and the NSLs in particular.

JURIST – Paper Chase: Librarian who challenged NSL urges more privacy protection before Senate panel


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