How handy is this?!?

The fine folks at Justia (my favorite legal website) yesterday announced a new free service that contains information on recently filed  federal civil cases.

From the press release:

“The Federal District Court filings are categorized by State, Federal
District Court and Legal Practice Area, and include the presiding judge
and cause of action information for each case. The database includes
over 300,000 Federal District Court civil cases filed since January 1,
2006, and is updated multiple times each day.

Visitors can subscribe for free to RSS feeds of new cases that meet
specific criteria, or to RSS feeds for customized searches. For example,
with an RSS feed, visitors can track new Federal Court patent cases,
cases that are filed in a specific court or cases filed against a
particular company.”

In my research classes, I often speak with the students about paid databases, and how one day they may be replaced by information that is freely available on the Internet. Based on this announcement, I’d say that day is getting closer than any of us realize.

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