At what point does this become a case of the inmates taking over the asylum?

As the father of a sixth-grader who attends (and loves) a charter school, I’m in favor of school choice. But this article makes me think that maybe too much choice is not necessarily the best thing for these kids.

Home Schoolers Content to Take Children’s Lead – New York Times

As the number of children who are home-schooled grows — an estimated
1.1 million nationwide — some parents like Ms. Walter are opting for
what is perhaps the most extreme application of the movement’s ideas.
They are “unschooling” their children, a philosophy that is broadly
defined by its rejection of the basic foundations of conventional
education, including not only the schoolhouse but also classes,
curriculums and textbooks.

In some ways it is as ancient a
pedagogy as time itself, and in its modern American incarnation, is
among the oldest home-schooling methods. But it is also the most
elusive, a cause of growing concern among some education officials and
social scientists.


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