For those folks still counting on experiencing the “paperless future” in this lifetime

Catalogs, Catalogs, Everywhere

From the December 4th Business Week:

Thanks to e-commerce, as well as rising printing and mailing costs,
catalogs were supposed to be dead by now. But a quick visit to the
mailbox will confirm that predictions of their death have been vastly
exaggerated. Catalogs are, in fact, more popular than ever—and thriving
because of the limitations of shopping by pointing and clicking. Unlike
the bulky books of yore, such as the venerable Sears catalog, which at
times ran to 1,000 pages, the new breed of catalog is a glossy,
magazine-like statement meant to convey to consumers the look and feel
of a brand. That’s a task the typical home PC just isn’t up to, no
matter how good the resolution of the monitor. The prototypical new
catalogs don’t attempt to list everything in the product line. Rather,
they simply show a carefully selected and dramatically photographed


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