But for $400, will it have that new book smell?

New Digital Books Offer Better Readability

By Chris Barylick
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, April 23, 2006; F07

onto a Metro train any given morning and it’s easy to find people
feeding their appetites for information. Commuters regularly have their
faces buried in newspapers, magazines, novels — and sometimes even
Web-enabled cellphones — during the ride to and from work.

they could be “flipping through” an electronic book reader, a cross
between a handheld flat-panel monitor and a real-life book or newspaper.

most comparable to an iPod for books, e-book readers — a breed of
upcoming devices designed to hold thousands of text files and display
them at the same resolution of a printed page — could change the
landscape of how books are both purchased and read.

The readers, generally priced in the $250 to $400 range, are about the same size as a softcover novel.



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