Reason #45,689 why libraries are the coolest places in the world

“You have no idea what they have here. I’m not the college-educated guy. I’m the street-educated guy. This has been my college.”

Sabol, 49, is one of more than 63,000 entrepreneurs, investors and
small-business owners who have been trained at the business library to
search its thousands of print and electronic resources for real-life
business applications. The library is one of four specialized research
centers operated by the New York Public Library.

The $100
million library, planned with New York’s businessmen and women in mind,
opened a decade ago with a research collection of 1.2 million books,
millions of patent documents and more than 110,000 periodicals. Since
then, it has evolved into a dynamic, industry-focused learning center
that takes advantage of modern technology with databases and classes
tailored to New York industry sectors, said Kristin McDonaugh, the

All You Need Is An Idea, and Good Connections“-from Sunday’s NY Times


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