Anti-Apple backlash brewing?

I love Apple. I use my iPod and iBook on a daily basis.

Having said that, I’m fully aware that they, like any other company, are far from perfect. But within the past few days I’m starting to notice an anti-Apple backlash developing in a few places.

First, there was Joseph Nocera’s piece (trapped behind the NYT’s firewall) about his problems with his iPod and Apple’s response (or lack thereof).

Then yesterday John Jantsch of the terrific Duct Tape marketing blog wrote in regards to Apple:

“No matter how good your product or service is-if you constantly treat your customers as though they are disposable, well that’s what they will become.”

And lastly Reed Hundt, former chairman of the FCC, is apparently not having alot of luck with Apple these days either:

“I will believe the Web has really arrived when it enables mass e-protests against Apple customer care — which is woeful, exasperating, insulting, and massively time-consuming.

Hopefully Apple will adress this issue before it becomes a groundswell.


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